Mobile Spy Reviews

If you need to lay your hands on the information on someone else’s mobile device, there are a number of software packages available at your service. A great example of such software is an app called Mobile Spy, which boasts of various benefits and functional features more than just recording the details of the phone calls. The mobile spy software is useful for the parents who are concerned about how their children use mobile phones and also for the employers who can monitor how their employees use their company phones.

The mobile spy software can be installed easily and compatible in almost all smart phones that uses Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows phones, etc. The tool boots up and runs silently in the background every time you start your mobile phone and the user of the phone doesn’t have any clue about it. The user will not see any icon or any notifications whatsoever stating that the tool is active.

The person who monitors the phone being spied on can login to a secure control panel online with a username and password from any place across the world. With that, he or she can get access to the information from the phone in real time. The user is absolutely unaware of this process and will not have a clue that his information is being accessed from another mobile phone or computer.

With Mobile Spy software you can view all kinds of personal data including text messages, call logs, the GPS-based location of the user as well the email messages from the user’s mobile phone. Additionally, this tool provides access to video files, pictures, memos, tasks, calendar events, history of the browser, etc. You can view all the data through a secure display without affecting the way the targeted device is operated; hence your privacy is guaranteed throughout the process of monitoring.

You can purchase Mobile Spy online and instantly download the software on your PC or mobile phone after the purchase is complete. Any new updates for the software can be requested and downloaded at any time. Mobile Spy is easy to use – especially considering the fact that it comes with a comprehensive user guide that explains how to operate it in a very detailed way. Naturally, the guide also provides all the required info on how to use the remote control panel. In case of any problems, an online technical support team is available to troubleshoot the issues and provide any other service that you need. The technical support is available throughout the day.

You can purchase the subscription for Mobile Spy software on an annual or monthly basis. Besides, there is that 6-month package available for those, who want to get a better membership price but are not willing to commit to any spying service for too long. We’d still recommend you to go for the yearly subscription though as this package also includes a free copy of Sniper Spy software (an app that can be used to monitor a PC). Regardless of the type of package purchased, you will be entitled to all the updates and software patches as well as the use of the spy software on a maximum of three mobile devices. You will also get access to online technical support that is available 24/7. In addition to that, users can receive assistance via the company’s toll free technical support number.

The Mobile Spy software also has an extra convenient feature allowing one to record files and backup data from a smartphone. We often see people copy files from phones manually to another device to get access to the files in case of hardware failure or theft. But this mobile spy software package does all the backup work automatically and hence saves the user a lot of effort and time.